All You Need To Know About Skin Cancer

Skin Cancer

Skin is the largest organ of our body spreading from head to toe. It mainly comprises epithelial cells, keratinized or non-keratinized.

A dermatologist will easily examine your skin to detect cancer; sometimes external appearance only can suggest presence of cancerous growth. For the confirmation, your doctor will numb the suspected are and take away a slice of skin tissue which will be examined by a pathologist and then diagnosed accordingly. This is called a skin biopsy.

There are ways in which skin cancer may be prevented. Most of the skin cancer is caused by exposure to UV rays, which can be prevented by avoiding tanning beds, always using protective sunscreen with a minimum SPF of 15, protective clothing like hats, sunglasses and avoiding outdoor hours during peak sun hours.

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There are mainly two types of skin carcinoma- the basal cell type and the squamous cell type. Signs of basal cell cancer comprise of pink lesions with a high border and a dent in the middle, a yellow or white scar, a reddish raised patch of skin that itches but doesn’t cause any pain, appearance of a shiny translucent lump without a cause. Forms of signs of squamous cell carcinomas consist of red patches on skin with irregular borders which bleeds easily, an open sore that is persistent, a wart like growth, a raised rough growth with a dent in middle. Most basal cell carcinomas have fewer symptoms while the squamous one is very painful. Both of them may begin as a sore that bleeds, and don’t tend to heal. Both of these types of non-melanoma skin cancer is having high cure rate when detected early. There are almost nil deaths by basal cell cancer. There is another type of disease known as actinic keratoses, they are considered as pre-cancers and shall cause squamous cell cancer if left untreated.

In case of earliest stages creams and gels can be used if it’s superficially located. Mohs micrographic surgery is the go-to surgery for its treatment. Radiation therapy is useful for those who are not fit enough (older patients usually) to undergo the surgical procedure. Some latest methods include cryosurgery where tissue is photodynamic therapy and laser surgery.

The team for cancer treatment must consist of a dermatologist, pathologist and an oncologist. While finding the best skin cancer surgery in India, you must find out about the follow up options there. If you undergo a surgical removal of a certain part of skin or tumor you may require a reconstructive plastic surgeon, especially on the areas which is visible like your face.

Awareness and self-tests are the best ways to detect skin cancers on an early stage. If you find a mole or a tumor that wasn’t there previously, always get it checked up by a dermatologist. If the cancer is detected in its early stage it can easily be treated. With the increase in the numbers of skin cancer cases, there has been breakthrough in the available treatment options. Some assure cent percent cure rate, but they are very expensive. There are some cost efficient treatment available usually done by a dermatologist.


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