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IFT therapy

The human body can be considered as a mysterious creation of the Almighty, but the medical science is always behind it to explore the mysteries. The branch of Physiotherapy deals with the problems of the body related to the motor movement of various organs and according to the area of the body, the condition of the patient and severity of the problem, it uses various tools and techniques that can help the concerned area of the body to have normal movement. One of the techniques or therapy used by the experts of this branch is known as IFT.

IFT which stands for Interferential therapy is one of the various forms of physical therapy. The IFT makes use of a mid-frequency electrical signal for treating the muscular spasms and strains. The current creates a massaging effect at the periodic interval on the affected area. It stimulates secretion of endorphins which are body’s natural pain relievers. The IFT treatment relaxes the strained muscles and promotes soft-tissue healing. The use of IFT is prohibited only in case of wounds, infections, and cuts.

The IFT is an effective therapy alternative used by many physiotherapy clinics for relieving pain and accelerating the healing and getting the body back to its healthy state.

The benefits of IFT treatment are as follows:

  1. The IFT treatment eliminates the pain safely in a non-invasive manner.
  2. It leads to a noticeable decrease in inflammation and swelling.
  3. The IFT helps in restoring the lost movement and improving the restricted movements and coordination.
  4. IFT stimulates the natural hormones in our body that helps in healing faster.
  5. IFT has been acknowledged by many experts as a very effective form of treatment for chronic pain.

It is said that the IFT primarily acts on the nerve tissues as the stimulation of nerve tissues offer the best results in pain relief.

How does IFT therapy work?

The Interferential Therapy Machine (IFT) consists of electrodes which are used for passing the electric signals, are placed on the skin near the affected area. The IFT device transmits electric currents in low frequency through the skin.

This current stimulates the underlying nerves and tissues which promotes healing properties. The endorphins act as natural painkillers avoiding the need for a painkiller pill.

The electric impulses are not painful at all and do not cause any discomfort to the patient. The patients describe the current as just a prickle on the skin. Because of its non-invasive way to treatment, it has emerged as one of the most popular treatments for pain relief. The interferential therapy machine price depends on the source of procurement, and the clinics should buy them from reputed dealers only.

How effective is IFT treatment?

The IFT treatment has been used for many years, and there have been several successful cases that have shown the versatility of IFT in treating diverse symptoms. It not only accelerates the healing process but also restores the normal movement. Patients who choose to undergo IFT face few complications post surgery.


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