Tips to Make Your Make up Pop This Party Season

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Come winter all of us tend to get ready for a season of nice chilly weather, good spicy food, lots of cakes and sweets and a season of partying and making merry. While throwing a party can be quite the task with so many things to take care of, going to a party can be quite a challenge as well. Especially since the advent of social media, where every memorable event is captured and put on display for the world to see, turning up for a party well decked up with style on point has become extremely imperative.

Dressing up for a party can be quite stressful as the complete look requires stylish wardrobe, nice yet comfortable shoes and last but not the least makeup that suits the occasion. While many people have a great wardrobe and shoes that can be showstoppers, make up is one aspect of the look that often intimidates most. While a lot of ladies makeup tips in Hindi are available in magazines, newspapers or even online, many people find it challenging to put makeup that is befitting of the occasion and also meets the requirements of a party look.  So given below are a few pointers that would help you step up your makeup games.

  • A good clear skin is the foundation of great makeup, and a healthy skin makes every makeup article look a lot better. And as we know healthy skin cannot be achieved overnight hence one must start taking good care of their skin beforehand to ensure they look absolutely on point on the day of the party.
  • Since it is winter time and the weather is dry, one must make sure their face is not only clean but also well moisturized so that their base makeup does not look patchy or cakey at all. This is probably one of the most common makeup tips in Hindi that can be found online.

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  • Another important factor that one must keep in mind while getting ready for a party is the duration of the occasion that they are about to attend. While a brief attendance does not require much special attention, but for partying way into the night, one must ensure that their makeup lasts all through. And for that one must use base products that are formulated to last long hours and also use liberal amount of makeup setting spray so that their makeup does not budge with all the sweating and dancing and revelry.
  • One of the most ignored makeup tips is that while attending any party, the makeup should emphasize either on the lips or the eyes and never both simultaneously. A bold bright lip makeup with bold and dark eye makeup can make the face look busy and untidy and night make you look tired very early into the party. For that to not happen, one must either wear smokey eye makeup with nude or light colored lips or wear a bright luscious lip color with rather muted eyes, to balance the entire look.

Just making sure to keep in mind these points while getting ready can make huge difference in the overall look.


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